July 2018  
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Drive In Movie Nights




Remember Drive In Movies?

You are invited to join us for the Return of the Drive-In!

Free Food!  Free Games!  Free Popcorn!  Free Outdoor Movie!

The movies will be held at
First Southern Baptist Church
621 N Western
Bring a lawn chair
 or enjoy the movie in your car by tuning to 88.1 FM

For more information, contact 620-624-0186 or 309-8238

Free cookout starts at 7:00 PM and the movie starts at dusk

Movie Dates for 2017:

July 14, 2017

Heaven Bound

Ted is a successful dog food marketer until one fateful day when he accidentally kills his company's iconic mascot and becomes the town laughingstock. Underemployed and in debt, Ted and his wife Josie are doing their best to make ends meet, but it's not enough. Josie is unhappy, so she concocts a plan to swipe her elderly boss' valuables in order to pay their debts. Accompanied by her lazy little brother, Ted and Josie attempt to pull off a caper but soon find that their intended victim has more in store for them than they thought.


Aug 11, 2017

The very gifts God gives us can sometimes pull us away from Him.

It happened to Johnny Trey—a singer/songwriter who parlayed a talent for music into the outrageously popular "Misunderstood." That hit record might've been the best and worst thing to ever happen to the guy: In the wake of his success, Johnny sank into a world of self-absorption and substance abuse. Only when he found God and left the high-stress world of stardom did he find peace—as a music pastor for a church in Birmingham, Ala.

For several years, things were great. He got married and had a beautiful little girl named Grace—a blonde dynamo with a love for both God and music. Yep, everything seemed perfect.

Or so it seemed … until Grace turned 18.

Oh, Grace still loves music. Maybe too much. She goes off-script during services and freelances through worship songs like a Whitney Houston wannabe.

"I have my own style!" She hollers at her displeased father after church. "Have you not noticed that?"

"It's worship, Grace!" Johnny thunders back. "We're there to worship!"

Her attitude grows worse with each passing day, it seems. She's skipping youth group to go to the movies. She's lying and getting lazy. She's fighting with her folks constantly. For Johnny, it would seem that his perfect little girl has become a perfect little pain in the rear.

Then, one Sunday between squabbles, Johnny's old manager Frank Mostin walks through the church door with some crazy news. "Misunderstood," Johnny's one and only hit, is getting airplay again. Old concert footage of Johnny has gone viral on YouTube. Suddenly, the old man is a hot property again. And Mostin—always "Mossy" to Johnny—says it's time to get back on the road.

Thanks, but no thanks, Johnny says. He's seen enough of that road for a lifetime. He's fine with his church and his family in Birmingham.

But Grace overhears the conversation and, after a dejected Mossy leaves, she records her own version of "Misunderstood" and ships it off to the music biz guy.

He listens. He likes. And he invites Grace to come to Los Angeles.

Grace doesn't have to be asked twice. She packs up some clothes and the guitar her father gave her, taking off for that City of Angels, of Dreams, of Stars. She's more than ready to make good on her own bountiful gifts.

The only gift she leaves behind for her parents is a terse note on her bed—telling them not to follow her.

Keep checking back for movie details.